For English speaking readers

You have probably come here through the SmashWords page, so welcome!

But as you realized, this website is all written in Portuguese.

First of all, it is my first language. While I think I write better in English, my intention here is to practice in my mother tongue. Kind of a contradiction, huh. So, yeah. It’s all in Portuguese and I believe you’re not missing much.

Second, and if my intentions with the book result as I’m thinking will turn out, I will probably set up a English based website as well.

Third, I’m selling Art of Traveliness only through SmashWords, not anywhere else. And only in English. So consider yourselves lucky!

Fourth, as more people read the book, more encouraged I will be to keep writing. And even more encouraged to set up an English web site. Go figure!

That’s all for now, so keep visiting here for more updates.

You might find a trailer – sans music, unfortunately – for the book on youtube. Just search for my name there or for “A Arte de Viajar”, which is the book title in Portuguese. The trailer was made by yours truly and has some pictures of the travels described in …Traveliness. It was intended to be seen with Rush’s The Main Monkey Business as soundtrack, so do yourself a favor and watch the trailer with the song as background!


About Pedro Merigui

The Art of Traveliness book can be obtained here:
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