The Turn of the Tide

This post is not totally related to the book, but it is related to it in some form.

Let’s see why and how.

As described in the beginning of The Art of Traveliness, I quit my safe but unsatisfying job (quoting myself here) and 2010 was spent travelling and trying to put myself together. That’s when TAoT was born, as I felt the need to share my travelling experiences with as many people as possible. So, TAoT was born, in book form and blog form.

As the increasing needs to find a job were apparent (meaning money, or even better, money to satisfy my travelling needs) I started to think about something that could fulfill my being the best.

After much thinking and evaluation, I decided to try the Tourism and Hospitality area, more inclined to the Hospitality, actually.

My grandmother was the owner of at least 2 hotels at once way back in the day and with my mother having worked at one recently, working in a hotel didn’t seem too bad. And off I went in search of something, a job position that could fit what I was looking for, where I even could practice my English skills and so on.
After some searches, I had found a job description I liked – Receptionist.

Well, here we have the turn of the tide and when I describe it so, I believe there’s no other way on how to explain it. My last job was a two year stint in the IT area in one of the biggest companies in the world. It was safe altough the last three months there were decisive in making me wanting to leave it. And I left it.

Almost one year later I found myself working in something totally different from everything I had done before. It feels good and it even might shape the years to come.

But circumstances are indeed strange. By the time I wrote those 8 paragraphs, I was employed as a Receptionist in a medium-sized hotel here in my home town. I was employed. Not anymore. Working as such under a 2 week stint only, it put some things into perspective. First, don’t always believe in people. Second, never be late.

And that’s it. Those two weeks working in a hotel made me really like it and above it all, made me really believe the work I was doing meant something to another person.

And the tips were good. So, remember this: always tip.


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