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Winter Being

Straigthened the skis underneath his feet and gave it a boost. He felt like the first time he had gone skiing. Slid above the snow like a statue, economical movement and little effort.
It was a short steep plain course which enabled good speed under small cost and yet required full attention as much as any other more difficult course. There always were obstacles in every course and any disregard for attention could mean an accident. He had suffered them enough to know the care he had to take but never one happening would not mean he could not enjoy it himself.

Relaxed his boy without totally losing it and bent his knees to gain enough speed to feel good. He always felt like the first time he had gone skiing, slight excitement and some nervousness before and then adrenaline leaving him ecstactic afterwards. During, he liked how he slid in the fresh snow in the early morning and in the afternoons how it demanded his total concentration, being and spirit likewise.


Winter was always the same in that region and station after station he felt welcomed in that white wilderness. Skiing was not the only attraction and activities like driving a snowmobile, a sled, snow-shoeing, or even a simple walk were accomplished daily and religiously.


He moved slightly his feet to diminish the fall. The air was cold enough to fills the lungs and there he could absorb it and feel its purity like he could not sense in any other place and the afternoon sun setting down far away behind the Glacial Mountain and still shinning enough to make him set his eyes uṕn an owl.


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